Choose Best Percussion Massager in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best for Back Pain
Heating Enabled
8 Heads
3 Hours Continuous
Designed in Germany
Best for All Users
Heating & Cooling
8 Heads
4 Hours Continuous
Designed in Germany
Best for Athletes
16mm Deep Tissue
5 Heads + Rotating Arm
8 Hours Continuous
Designed in Germany
Best for Office Use
Extremely Quiet
4 Heads
2 Hours Continuous
Designed in Germany

Few things are better than a good, relaxing massage after a long day. It helps ease the built-up muscle tension, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The only problem is that scheduling a massage with a professional masseuse can put quite a dent in your budget. Therefore, if you want to enjoy massages whenever you …

Massage guns are excellent devices for muscle recovery. They combine percussion with vibration therapy, using oscillation and rapid, repetitive pressure to ease muscle tension and soreness, increase blood flow, and help you quickly get back to your workouts. Here’s how to choose the best massage gun for your needs. Portability Although this device is a …

Compression boots, also called recovery boots, are the latest hit in the sports industry. Numerous professional athletes swear by them, while more and more recreational athletes are also jumping on the bandwagon. Since compression boots are a fairly new product on the market, there’s not a lot of information you can find about them online. …

Everyone’s must-have massage device is a massage gun. We advise everyone from our family to our friends and colleagues in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, if there is one massager that you should own it should be a percussion massager.

We also highly recommend the Ultra Massage Guns, the great thing is that there are 4 to choose from, and we list them below, it is impossible not to find what you are looking for in the list

  1. Of course the top of the range is the Ultra Massage Gun Pro, it is one of the world’s strongest massagers, and it is recommended for athletes who are looking for hitting the deep spots, with 5 heads and a rotating arm it is perfect for reaching the toughest spots.
  2. Who doesn’t love the Ultra Massage Gun Elite, one of the top selling percussion massagers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the gun is equipped with a heating and cooling technology that helps you with reducing tension in every muscle tissue, with 8 heads as well for every part of the body.
  3. The most affordable massager is the Ultra Massage Gun Prime, equipped with heating technology, great battery life, ultra quiet like all the other guns, 8 heads, perfect for a bedtime routine so you can have  a great sleep.
  4. Not forgetting the mini massage gun, the Ultra Massage Gun Uno, this gun fits in the palm of your hand, can be easily taken anywhere, and can be used anywhere as it is very quiet.

If you want any of these Ultra Recovery products you just need to head to the Ultra Stores online shop, they deliver them free of charge and it will be a second day delivery which is awesome so you don’t have to wait.